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From:Heikki Tuuri Date:June 16 2005 5:38pm
Subject:MySQL/InnoDB-5.0.7 has been released
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InnoDB is the MySQL table type that supports foreign key constraints, 
transactions, two-phase commit in XA, row-level locking, non-locking 
consistent read (MVCC), all four SQL-1992 isolation levels of transactions, 
multiple tablespaces, asynchronous unbuffered disk I/O on Windows, and a 
non-free hot online backup tool.

MySQL-5.0.7 is a bugfix release of the 5.0 branch. The release is still 
labeled as beta, because 5.0 contains many new features, and more real-world 
testing by MySQL's millions of users is needed.

You can download MySQL-5.0.7 from

Changes in features:

* In stored procedures and functions, InnoDB no longer takes full explicit 
table locks for every involved table. Only `intention' locks are taken, 
similar to those in the execution of an ordinary SQL statement. This greatly 
reduces the number of deadlocks.

Bugs fixed:

* Do very fast shutdown only if innodb_fast_shutdown=2, but wait for threads 
to exit and release allocated memory if innodb_fast_shutdown=1. Starting 
with MySQL/InnoDB 5.0.5, InnoDB would do brutal shutdown also when 
innodb_fast_shutdown=1. (Bug #9673)

* Fixed InnoDB: Error: stored_select_lock_type is 0 inside ::start_stmt()! 
in a stored procedure call if innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog was set in 
my.cnf. (Bug #10746)

* Fixed a duplicate key error that occurred with REPLACE in a table with an 
AUTO-INC column. (Bug #11005)

Upgrading from 4.1:

* MyISAM and InnoDB tables created with DECIMAL or NUMERIC columns in MySQL 
5.0.3 to 5.0.5 will appear corrupt after an upgrade to MySQL 5.0.6. Dump 
such tables with @command{mysqldump} before upgrading, and then reload them 
after upgrading.

* Starting from 5.0.3, a VARCHAR in MySQL is a 'true' VARCHAR. It remembers 
the number of spaces that there were at the end of the string. Previously, 
MySQL at storage trimmed end spaces from a VARCHAR. Tables created with < 
5.0.3 will remain to have the old VARCHAR semantics, while new tables will 
have the new semantics.

* The sorting order for end-space in TEXT columns for InnoDB and MyISAM 
tables has changed. Starting from 5.0.3, InnoDB compares TEXT columns as 
space-padded at the end. If you have a non-unique index on a TEXT column, 
you should run CHECK TABLE on it, and run OPTIMIZE TABLE if the check 
reports errors. If you have a UNIQUE INDEX on a TEXT column, you should 
rebuild the table with OPTIMIZE TABLE.

* The sorting order of BINARY and VARBINARY may still change in some 5.0.x 

* In 4.0 - 4.1.11 there is a bug in the InnoDB sorting order of ENUMs if the 
collation of the ENUM is not latin1 or if there are more than about 100 
different values for the ENUM.

* InnoDB Hot Backup 2.0.1 or earlier does not work with MySQL-5.0.3 or 
later. A new version 2.1 will.

Best regards,

Heikki Tuuri
Innobase Oy

MySQL/InnoDB-5.0.7 has been releasedHeikki Tuuri16 Jun