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From:Hendro Suryawan Date:June 16 2005 10:53pm
Subject:Primary Key Question
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Hi all,
I have table with primary key on field PO,BrgId, NOSP but when i try
insert several new reccord with field NOSP = '', mysql will accept the
new reccord without complaint error.
Is this normal behavior? My perception if i have primary key on the
three field the three field must be not empty.  I try to alter the field
NOSP with syntax :
    Alter table BrgIn2 Change NOSP NOSP Varchar(20) NOT NULL

but if i looked table definition mysql always add default '' in the
definition. How to tell mysql not to add default '', i want to this
field always not null or ''. I use mysql 4.1.11 on FC3 X86_64.
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.


Table   Create Table
------  ----------------------------------------------------
BrgIn2  CREATE TABLE `BrgIn2` (
          `PO` varchar(17) NOT NULL default '',
          `BrgId` int(4) NOT NULL default '0',
          `NoSP` varchar(20) NOT NULL default '',
          `Spesifikasi` varchar(100) default NULL,
          `Qty` decimal(10,3) NOT NULL default '0.000',
          `Price` decimal(19,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000',
          `Disc` decimal(6,4) default NULL,
          `DPP` decimal(10,4) default NULL,
          `Tax` decimal(6,4) default '0.0000',
          `pph` decimal(6,4) default '0.0000',
          `Kurs` decimal(10,4) default NULL,
          `ShipDate` date default NULL,
          `Currcy` varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
          `Keterangan` blob,
          `Terima` decimal(9,2) default NULL,
          `Periode` varchar(7) default NULL,
          `TglInput` date default NULL,
          `Operators` varchar(50) default NULL,
          `Workstation` varchar(30) default NULL,
          PRIMARY KEY  (`PO`,`BrgId`,`NoSP`),
          KEY `BrgIn2SPBrg` (`NoSP`,`BrgId`,`Qty`),
          KEY `BrgId` (`BrgId`)

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