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From:Sergei Rodionov Date:June 15 2005 2:32pm
Subject:MyISAM index file recovery/writing by hand
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Hi all.

I am desperately seeking advice on quite unusual matter with MyISAM tables.
We have application with very large volume of data being posted into 
database at once, and in order to speed process up,
an attempt to write MYD files by hand has been attempted. However, MySQL 
wont load such table properly, unless MYI (index) file
is written accordingly. Present recovery tools (myisamchk) are 
normalizing database by index, so I cant just put there empty MYI file and
ask for recovery (then I will get empty table, basically). Is there any 
recovery tool that restores MYI file by MYD? Or is there any
documentation available somewhere (except for sources) where one can 
find how MYI files are organized?

Thanks in advance

MyISAM index file recovery/writing by handSergei Rodionov15 Jun
  • Re: MyISAM index file recovery/writing by handGleb Paharenko15 Jun