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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 12 1999 10:03pm
Subject:Re: custom install (was: <synopsis of the problem (one line)>)
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>>>>> "Benjamin" == Benjamin Low <b.d.low@stripped> writes:

Benjamin> Jeb,

Benjamin> I too wished to install MySQL in somewhere other than /usr/local.
Benjamin> Unfortunately MySQL does not appear to have a one-stop option to
Benjamin> permanently set the target base installation path at build/install time
Benjamin> (a la GNU's --prefix=/$HOME/local or perl's PREFIX=$HOME/local). So, you
Benjamin> have to override the default /usr/local at each invocation of the
Benjamin> server.

What do you mean with the above ?

When you configure MySQL, you can use the --prefix option

When start safe_mysqld, you only have to see to it that you are in the
mysql 'base' directory when you do it.  For example:

cd 'mysql-base' directory		# You should change this
./bin/safe_mysqld &			# You don't have to change this

- safe_mysqld will automaticly detect if this is a binary distribution 
  or a configured distribution and invoke mysqld with the right parameters.


PS: Sorry for the long delay before replying, but I just come back from
    a 2 weeks vacation trip.
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