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From:Danny Stolle Date:June 14 2005 7:14pm
Subject:Re: discuss: user management
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from a MySql point of view, how would you deal with security on a site? 
would you than create individual users?

Best Regards,

Danny Stolle
EmoeSoft, Netherlands

TheRefUmp@stripped wrote:
> Danny,
>   My 2 cents (American dollars): From a security standpoint (if you are a financial
> institution) you'd would never get away with #2 because there is no audit trail with
> multiple users using a "generic" user id. 
>   The MySQL implementation of security is not implemented with auditing and standard
> role based assignments in mind. I am hopeful that they will correct this issue down the
> road. 
> Regards,
> George
> Danny Stolle <d.stolle@stripped> wrote:
>>i would like to discuss 'user management' in mysql. Working with Oracle 
>>you can assign users to roles giving them privileges provided by that 
>>role. MySql doesn't have Roles. I have read (Managing and Using MySql, 
>>O'Reilly) 3 options on managing users having multiple roles in a MySql 
>>1. Giving the user a Single user ID and assign the privileges to that 
>>user ID
>>2. Create role-bases users and have different people share the same user 
>>ID for a given role.
>>3. Create multiple user IDs for each role played by each user 
>>(dannys_arch as an architect, dannys_dev as a developer).
>>Which of these 3 options is the most preferable one or are there more 
>>options which you can use. What are the advantages and disadvantages on 
>>working with one of these 3 options? how do you handle hostnames when 
>>working with random ip-addresses on your site.
>>Or just plain simple (or stupid) what are your experiences on user 
>>management in a MySql environment.
>>Best regards,
>>Danny Stolle
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