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From:J.R. Bullington Date:June 13 2005 2:47pm
Subject:alter table - add a column
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Alter table foo drop Primary Key

Alter table add `userid` int(8) first

Alter table add Primary Key `userid`

Those 3 statements should do it. However, knowing the people on this list,
they will have a faster and better way than mine.

Don't forget about the manual as well...


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Subject: alter table - add a column


i have a table that i want to add a column to, and define the columm to be
the primary key. however, i already have a column in the table that's used
as the primary. can someone tell me the approach/commands i should use to
get my results?

table foo
username varchar(50), primary

what i want...
userid int(), primary
username varchar(50)

with userid listed before username!!
can someone tell me what the commands are that i need to enter to get this!!

i thought something like,
alter table foo add userid int(8), primary first (but i couldn't get it to
work.. errors) and then i couldn't see how to remove the primary key fom



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alter table - add a columnJ.R. Bullington13 Jun