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From:Nico Alberti Date:June 10 2005 7:05am
Subject:Re: [Newbie] Slow slave update.
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2005/6/10, Atle Veka <atlev@stripped>:
> The speed of the drive will have a lot to say on how long the queries run.
> You haven't said anything about what type of master you have, OS, mysqld

Thank you all for your answers. As I said before, I was only curious,
as fortunately I don't have to rely on my laptop for that data :-).(
However, it is a P4m with 512 Mb Ram, while the server is a dual p4,
2Gb and raid5 scsi disk. They are both running some 4.1.x mysql

Now, I am thinking that probably the delay is due to the laptop
antivirus. I know that my McAfee slow things a bit when you do some
heavy file access, and I guess this is the case.

Thanks again for your answers and your help.
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