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From:DChristensen Date:June 9 2005 1:00pm
Subject:RE: microsoft sequel server
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 Look at the EMS family of MySQL products.  They have a data pump utility that works to
move data from lots of sources to MySQL.

Also, Borland has a data pump utility packaged with their development tools.  There's also
a utility called DBScriptor that works well to migrate data.


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Import via odbc ?

I used an app called sqlyog to import via odbc.

On 09/06/2005, at 9:45 AM, Kirk wrote:

> Is anyone familiar with how to dump a database from Microsoft sequel 
> server to mysql?  I know nothing about Microsoft products and am 
> looking for a utility or similar to do the conversion.  Maybe 
> Microsoft has something built in?  Although I doubt it.
> Kirk
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