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From:Ian Sales (DBA) Date:June 9 2005 7:27am
Subject:Re: Suggestions on db server configuration - Replication & load balancing
or Clustering??
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Ed Pauley II wrote:

> I need to come up with a high availability, high performance MySQL 
> server setup. I have two database servers half way across the country 
> from one another being replicated through a VPN. These db servers 
> serve two very busy web sites with multiple applications accessing the 
> db. During busy times we are seeing 1200 to 2000 QPS. For good reason 
> our database servers have high load averages during peek times. I have 
> been looking at MySQL clustering, but due to the fact that our 
> database is rather large the in memory only restriction will make it 
> unfeasible. The other option is load balancing and replication. My 
> problem with this setup is that there will be too many points of 
> failure since there can only be one master for each slave. Not to 
> mention the lag that may be introduced since there would be multiple 
> servers at each location. It is crucial to the operation of the sites 
> that all of the servers stay in sync at all times.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?

- check out It's not the perfect solution 
to your problem(s), but it might help.

- ian

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Suggestions on db server configuration - Replication & load balancingor Clustering??Ed Pauley II8 Jun
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