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From:Daniel Kasak Date:June 9 2005 12:04am
Subject:Re: microsoft sequel server
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Kirk wrote:

>Is anyone familiar with how to dump a database from Microsoft sequel server
>to mysql?  I know nothing about Microsoft products and am looking for a
>utility or similar to do the conversion.  Maybe Microsoft has something
>built in?  Although I doubt it.
There are tools around - some are linked from the MySQL web site. I
avoid these. It's a much better idea to do the migration yourself. Any
mistakes with using the wrong field types can lead to data loss, and
I've noticed a lot of migration tools using 'interesting' choices of
field types.

Get your documentation for both servers out, study your table
definitions, and then set up your destination tables in MySQL. You can
then use a front-end like MS Access to link tables from the source &
destination databases, and use Access' "append" queries to move the
data. Alternatively, you can use SQL Server's data transformations to
connect to remote ODBC data sources and insert the data that way. Which
ever way you do it, watch for errors and do some testing of the data to
compare source and destination tables, eg do count queries on each
table, do sum queries on numeric fields, and of course test your
application linked to the new MySQL database *before* doing the actual
migration. When everything appears to looks OK, truncate all the MySQL
tables, backup the SQL Server database, and do the actual migration.

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