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From:Gleb Paharenko Date:June 8 2005 8:58pm
Subject:Re: Can't connect to Local Mysql database server
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Error 2013 means: "Lost connection to MySQL server during query". See:

rtroiana wrote:

Hi All,
 >I had posted a query few days back that I couldn't connect to mysql 
 >from a network machine. So for that I added two entries in my firewall
 >I added the Port 3306 and mysqld, so firewall should allow any 
connection to
 >database from external computer. My problem was solved after adding those
 >entries. I was able to access DB server from other machines. But the 
 >now is I can access the Db server from a network and not from the local
 >machine where it is installed.
 >Whenever I try to connect I get error number 2013. I tried to connect with
 >localhost and with IP too. I even removed the two entries from firewall
 >exception and it still didn't work.
 >I have installed Norton AntiVirus and Microsoft Spyware y'day. Does anyone
 >of these block access to Mysql.
 >I'll appreciate any help on this problem.

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Can't connect to Local Mysql database serverrtroiana8 Jun
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