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From:SGreen Date:June 8 2005 4:00pm
Subject:Re: LEFT JOIN?
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Angelo Zanetti <angelo@stripped> wrote on 06/08/2005 12:06:51 PM:

> Hi guys.

> I'm having a problem deciding whether a left join is suitable for what i
> want to do.

> I have two tables

> A Users
> -userID
> -isactive

> B BuddyList
> -userID
> -buddyID

> what i want to do is to get all the users from A that don't exist as a
> buddyID for a user (buddyList) also the user must be active (isactive=1)

> but i cant get the correct result.
> Is the LEFT JOINcorrect for this operation or should i try using the NOT
> EXISTS command?


> Angelo

Yes, the LEFT join is the correct choice for your query:

FROM Users u
LEFT JOIN BuddyList bl
        ON u.userID = bl.userID
WHERE u.isactive =1 
        AND bl.userID is null;

It's that last term (and bl.userID is null) that detects the non-matched 
users across the LEFT JOIN.

Shawn Green
Database Administrator
Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine 
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