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From:Peter Normann Date:June 8 2005 12:15pm
Subject:RE: WebHosting with MySQL.......
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Ashok Kumar wrote:
> Sorry. I think i gave some unwanted info in my query.
> C-CGI is nothing but - CGI is scripting lang like
> JScript and its mainly for web related applications.
> we can use this scripting in any languages. i had
> chosen "VC++ - Console appln".  
>  In this i used MySQL C-API to achieve the C-MySQL
> Connectivity and in my system(win 2000) i'm running
> the DB as a service. In my pgm i didn't mention any
> host name(I gave null to that). I want to totally
> setup this pgm to any one server and after, that pgm
> must be independent of my system. for that i want the
> clarification. (say the remote server is

Your script being a client program implies that you have to tell it which
host it should be looking for a mysql server on. In other words, if your
server is not running on the same host as your program (and even then), you
MUST enter a host name or ip address.

> Is it neccessary that the mysql
> server there and run as a service( In my system, if
> the mysql service is stopped means, i can't connect
> the DB as well as i can't open 'mysql command line
> client'.

It is not necessary to run mysql as a service, however it is necessary to
run it somehow, that being as a service or standalone application. The
command line client is still a client, thus it depends on the mysql server
being accessible.

Peter Normann

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