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From:Martijn Tonies Date:June 6 2005 9:19am
Subject:Re: mirroring oracle database
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Hello Edward,

> I'm trying to convince some people here to adopt MySql as a relational
> here. However, we can't start from a clean slate; we have a very mature
> database that applications point to right now, and so we need a migration
> I was thinking of taking the following steps:
> a) finding a Java API that transparently supports both MySQL and
>            Oracle data access and stored procedure calls.
> b) instrumenting the Oracle database so that all tables support
>            timestamps on data rows.
> c) mirroring the Oracle database in MySQL.
> d) making interface code connecting the MySQL database to the
> Oracle database (and both applying updates to the database
> as well as data.
> In other words, I'm looking to make a MySQL -> Oracle mirroring tool, and
> wondering if anybody had experience with this sort of thing.
> As I see it, if we pull this off we could save quite a bit in licensing
> - we'd still have oracle around, but it would only be a datastore for
talking to
> other oracle databases, and run by batch, not accessed by end users.
> Ed
> (
>     ps - here are the concerns I have right now about doing this...
>     How well can stored procs be translated over? how about views,
>     triggers and indexes?
> )

MySQL doesn't have CHECK constraints. Only version 5 (which is in early
beta) has Views, Triggers and Stored Procedures.

IF you can convert your existing application to MySQL is heavily depending
on what you're using with Oracle...

As a personal note: if you want to save license costs, did you ever take a
at Fyracle?

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
Database Workbench - tool for InterBase, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle & MS SQL
Upscene Productions

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