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From:Edward Peschko Date:June 6 2005 1:14am
Subject:Re: mirroring oracle database
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On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 04:41:16PM -0700, sol beach wrote:
> IMO, you have much more a lively imagination than realistic, in depth
> & technical knowlege in either MYSQL or Oracle.
> Current production MYSQL does NOT have stored procedures.

Current production mysql doesn't, but current development does (5.02).

Given that this is something that is coming online about 6 months down the fly,
and is a direction that we are thinking about moving, and given how much
that such an effort would save you - and given the fact that all the data
in question is being backed up in an oracle database, as far as I can see,
the risk is minor and the rewards major.

All it really has to do is keep data for a minor interval (say, a day). Then
it can be synced with the oracle database in a batch job. 

I say its worth a shot. If its not doable now, its perhaps doable in 6 months.
And some people agree with me apparently:

which I was thinking about reverse engineering to an extent as a starting point.
Thanks for the vote of confidence btw, and the elegent, almost statesman-way 
that you expressed it..

But seriously, why the testy response? Are you affiliated in any way with oracle?
Isn't the whole point of mysql to ultimately provide a RDBMS that can be used 
instead of DB2 or Oracle anyways?

And does anybody have helpful, real, experience along these lines that they'd 
like to share rather than just opinions?

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