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From:Edward Peschko Date:June 3 2005 7:38pm
Subject:mirroring oracle database
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hey all,

I'm trying to convince some people here to adopt MySql as a relational database 
here. However, we can't start from a clean slate; we have a very mature oracle
database that applications point to right now, and so we need a migration path.

I was thinking of taking the following steps:

	a) finding a Java API that transparently supports both MySQL and 
           Oracle data access and stored procedure calls.

	b) instrumenting the Oracle database so that all tables support
           timestamps on data rows.

	c) mirroring the Oracle database in MySQL.

	d) making interface code connecting the MySQL database to the 
		Oracle database (and both applying updates to the database
		as well as data.

In other words, I'm looking to make a MySQL -> Oracle mirroring tool, and was 
wondering if anybody had experience with this sort of thing. 

As I see it, if we pull this off we could save quite a bit in licensing costs 
- we'd still have oracle around, but it would only be a datastore for talking to 
other oracle databases, and run by batch, not accessed by end users.


    ps - here are the concerns I have right now about doing this... 
    How well can stored procs be translated over? how about views, 
    triggers and indexes?
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