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From:Jay Miller Date:April 14 1999 5:13pm
Subject:Wrong bytesec?
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Could someone tell me what "Wrong bytesec" means?  I am working on a
"Difficult repair" of a corruped table.  When I run 'isamchk -o' I get
several of the following sorts of messages:

Wrong bytesec:  50- 49- 54 at  157976034; Skipped
Wrong bytesec:  54- 56- 49 at  157973127; Skipped

I can't find anywhere what this means or what I should do about it.  When
isamchk is done I check again and it says my table is still corrupted.  I'm
currently trying a second pass with 'isamchk -o' ('isamchk -r' fails with
message "isamchk: error: 9 when closing ISAM-table").

Jay Miller
SOCKET Internet Services
Columbia, MO, US

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