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From:<jabbott Date:June 1 2005 3:49pm
Subject:query help?
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I have two tables, cutting out the extra stuff they boil down to:

userID int,
username varchar(11),
realname varchar(40)

ID int,
lastLogin timestamp

So, what I am doing is:
 select, username, realname, lastLogin
 from users left join logins on = 
 group by username
 order by lastLogin DESC

What I want is all the users, no matter if they have logged in or not.  That is what the
left join does.  But, if they have logged in, I want the last login date.  Right now I get
the first login date.  Changing DESC to ASC only changes the display order of the return
set.  I have added DESC and ASC to the group by, but that doesn't work at all.




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