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From:Martijn Tonies Date:June 1 2005 8:25am
Subject:ANN: Advanced Data Generator 1.5.0 released
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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce a new version of
the database developer tool:
"Advanced Data Generator" (version 1.5.0)

A fast test-data generator tool that comes with a library
of real-life data, can generate data to your database,
SQL script or CSV files, many filling options, presets and 
much more.

This new release consists of four versions:

- Pro: ADO and ODBC connectivity
- InterBase Edition
- Firebird Edition
- MySQL Edition

More info and a 30-day trial version on

Pricing information available on

Recent changes:

- New: ability to use Stored Procedures as items to be used
- New: ability to run custom (prepared) SQL statements instead of
       auto-generated statements
- New: ability to generate INSERT INTO statements into file(s)
- New: ability to generate CSV files
- New: ability to run a project from the command line
- New: ability to copy projects
- New: projects can be saved with items not to be filled, but with
       settings for individual fields

- Enhancement: better error reporting when things aren't alright
               for filling.
- Enhancement: ADO connection detects MS SQL Server and executes
        SET IDENTITY INSERT if applicable. Cannot be done
        for ODBC.
- Enhancement: when loading projects from file, you can merge them
               with the current project.
- Enhancement: ability to delete all logs for a database
- Enhancement: minor GUI enhancements
- Enhancement: more diagnostic messages and better error reporting
- Enhancement: updated documentation for new features

- Fixed: IB/Fb: could not select connection characterset
- Fixed: MySQL: fixed possible error with DELETE statement
- Fixed: MySQL: "Field 'Index_type' not found" error for MySQL 4.0.<low>
- Fixed: ODBC: escapes all identifiers, avoiding errors when SQL
               uses reserved words and spaces in names
- Fixed: ODBC: Possible BLOB error fixed
- Fixed: ODBC: error messages cut off at 255 characters
- Fixed: ODBC: issue with N(VAR)CHAR columns fixed
- Fixed: ADO: escapes all identifiers, avoiding errors  when SQL
              uses reserved words and spaces in names
- Fixed: Fixed item index error with using "copy value from other
         column" feature
- Fixed: When using the German Streets data, a dialog would popup
- Fixed: random length strings did not always honor the lower bound
- Fixed: memory leak removed when closing "Run Project" window
- Fixed: ADO/ODBC several other possible errors with regard to 
         datatypes and parameters

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
Upscene Productions - Database Tools for Developers

ANN: Advanced Data Generator 1.5.0 releasedMartijn Tonies1 Jun