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From:Martin Edelius Date:November 12 1999 11:35am
Subject:Re: Incomplete Package Mysql.3.21 for Red Hat
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The reason for this would probably be because a lot of people run only a
server on their machines and has no need for the extra weight of the client
and such.

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Subject: Incomplete Package Mysql.3.21 for Red Hat


My mysqld runs, but with --skip-grant-tables or table user with field
password empty,
if not: I have an access denied,

As a matter of fact: (by the way something that let me answerless),
I downloaded the RedHat Package of mysql version 3.21 for RedHat on site,
and the file list doesn't have mysqladmin, or the mysql shell !!
Those scripts are fundamental to set permissions and passwords and to write

Why don't they come with the package?

I had to download another package to patch this...



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