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From:Jeremiah Gowdy Date:May 26 2005 2:46pm
Subject:Re: InnoDB to MyISAM
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> Nevertheless, foreign key constraints belong in the database, not in your
> application... If you have foreign keys (your wording), you need foreign
> key constraints. Period. Plain and simple. No discussion :-)

How about a log database?  We log every phone call to a calls table which 
currently has 27 million records.  We log every event that happens on every 
phone call to an events table which currently has 240 million records, which 
are linked to their calls via a foreign key.  Inserts into the calls and 
especially the events table happen up to 120 times per second.  If these 
inserts back up, our telephony service stalls and people hang up and cancel 
service.  Every time we insert an event into the events table, we do not 
want the database engine to see that it has a foreign key and select on the 
calls table for that foreign key.  It simply makes no sense.  First, events 
wouldn't be posted if we hadn't already done a successful insert a half of a 
second ago to calls and gotten the insert id.  Second, even if we did, 
maintaining quality of service is far more important than the possibility 
that events could be inserted with an invalid foreign key.  In matters of 
logging, that's typically not a critical issue, and in this application, it 
is certainly not the priority.  On the other hand, in a billing log, it may 
be essential.

There are different solutions to different applications.  :) 

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