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From:Ed Carp Date:April 14 1999 4:16pm
Subject:Re: MySQL in a Win32 VB6.0 Environment
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I am currently involved in a project requiring a database that supports SQL,
ODBC 2.0, and direct manipulation of table structures (ie. add/delete/modify
field/record) and believe MySQL has what I need.  The problem is I am
limited to a Visual Basic 6.0 environment and cannot find any examples with
source code or documentation regarding the VB environment.  Any help would
be much appreciated as to web pages or sources specific to VB use of this

Why don't you just use DAO RDO, or ODBCDirect?  Any one of those will do
what you want.  There's plenty of documentation in VB 6.0 itself.  Just make
sure you turn on the dbSQLPassThrough flag!

I use DAO every day with VB to talk to MySQL - I have had no problems doing
so.  The reason I use DAO instead of ODBCDirect is because many times I
prototype with Access locally, then switch to MySQL when I get the logic
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