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From:Mike Johnson Date:May 24 2005 6:02pm
Subject:RE: DB design question
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From: Koon Yue Lam [mailto:kisstech@stripped] 

> Hi, here is the case:
> one student may have more than one address, and one student 
> may have more than one phone number
> so the db would be:
> student
> ----------------
> student_id
> name
> age
> address
> ---------------
> address_id
> student_id
> street_name
> phone_num
> ------------------
> student_id
> num
> extension
> the key of 3 tables are student_id
> the problems is, when I want to query both student, address 
> and phone num, the sql will be
> select * from student s, address a, phone_num n
> where s.student_id = a.sudent_id
> and s.student_id = n.student_id
> it won't provide a nice result as data of student are 
> repeated in every row, address and phone_num's data are 
> repeated in certain rows
> The output is not suitable for reporting and may I ask what 
> is the better way of design to handle the above case ?

It's good DB design, but you need to not `select *' but the specific
fields you'd like.

An example of might be:

SELECT, s.age, a.street_name, n.num, n.extension 
FROM students s 
JOIN address a ON a.student_id = s.student_id 
JOIN phone_num n ON n.student_id = s.student_id 


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