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From:Dan Nelson Date:November 11 1999 11:52pm
Subject:Re: count()
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In the last episode (Nov 11), Kirk Ruff said:
> 	Is there any way to be able to use count(*) as well as select
> other data in one query? Such as: select count(*) as testCount,
> cmpInvoice where(cmpOwner like "%Alan%") What I am trying to do here
> is set testCount to the number of rows and select cmpInvoice where
> cmpOwner contains "Alan." Is there any way to accomplish this in one
> query? Thanks

You're asking for two different types of data, aren't you?  

1) (single number) Records where compOwner contains 'Alan'

2) (array of numbers) Every invoice number where compOwner contains'Alan'

In fact, 1) could be rewritten as "how many invoices where compOwner
contains 'Alan'".

Just do a "select cmpInvoice where cmpOwner like '%Alan' ", and use the
number of rows returned as your total.

	Dan Nelson
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