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From:Peter Brawley Date:May 17 2005 4:16pm
Subject:Re: why does this query work??!!!
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It works because 'where invoiceid-12217' is true for every invoice 
except invoice 12217.

To undo it, assuming your server is running a binary log, back up the 
table in its current state to a safe place, restore the most recent 
backup of the table, then run mysqlbinlog for that database (-d) and 
that table (-t) from the timepoint of the backup (-start-datetime=...) 
to just before your typo (-stop-datetime=...).



nngau@stripped wrote:

>Help! I did this query and it updated everything!
>update customer_order_history set customerID="123 456 789 0123" where
>I typed a '-' rather than an '='.
>I haven't did a commit or a rollback saving point. Is there any other
>way To undo this update??

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