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From:Chris Trown Date:November 11 1999 6:44pm
Subject:Re: isamchk failing!
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On Thu, Nov 11, 1999 at 10:01:36AM -0800, Chris Trown scribbled:
>      I checked the archies, but did not find an answer.
>      Well, I wasn't paying close enough attention and the partition that the
> database resides upon filled up.
>      I manage to shutdown the server and start and isamchk of the tables.  
> isamchk manages to fill /var with a temporary file.  I'm obviously not going to 
> get anywhere with that, so I kill it.  I try again with the TMPDIR environment
> variable set.  From that point on, I get
> cheops:/usr/local/mysql/var/modems: isamchk -r rad_accnt
> - recovering ISAM-table 'rad_accnt.ISM'
> Data records: 2267116
> isamchk: error: Can't create new tempfile: 'rad_accnt.TMD'
> ISAM-table 'rad_accnt' is not fixed because of errors
>      no matter what I try.
>      The -T and the --tmp_dir options are unknown.  This is the version number:
> isamchk  Ver 5.7 for hp-hpux10.20 at hppa1.1
>      What is isamchk complaining about and how can I point it to a larger
> partition for temp files?
>      Thanks!!!

     Don'tcha love it when you start panicing?

     Sigh...   I forgot about the '-f' switch.  I had to extend the filessystem
before I could proceed.  That's one feature about HPUX that I LOVE.  File
system full?  No problem, just extend it and off you go.


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