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From:Greg Whalin Date:May 12 2005 3:31pm
Subject:Re: Preventing slaves from falling behind masters...
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Donny Simonton wrote:
> With Mysql you should ONLY use RAID10.  Everything else is not worth your
> time.

I would argue that a large stripe (RAID0) would be a better solution for 
slaves in a large replicant network.  Why waste the drive space and 
performance on a RAID10 when you have multiple replicants for HA.  That 
said, all of our DBs are RAID10 as we never know which ones we may need 
to put in as master (if master fails).

> As long as you are using 15k SCSI drives, on both your master and your
> slave, your slave should rarely ever fall behind.  Especially if you are
> doing less than 1,000 inserts per second on the master.  Otherwise you
> should be just fine.
> The only time our slaves ever fall behind, is when you delete 40 records
> from table A then insert 40 new ones.  But we do that for 600k records, so
> we do a few million deletes and inserts in a short period of time.

Given that the slaves will never start a query until the master has 
finished it and passed it along to the slave, the slave is ALWAYS 
running a bit behind the master.  And, if you are using MyIsam tables, 
and running w/ low-priority-updates (as the Mysql guide suggests for 
performance on slaves), then it is likely that a heavy hit replicant 
will lag to a noticable level when under high traffic.  Innodb should 
lessen this a bit as it is not doing full table locks and you can have 
it do dirty reads.

As for our replicant cluster, we do not run w/ low-piority-updates 
simply because we found it increased replication lags, and exposed 
"replication bugs" in our application (write to the rw pool, immediately 
look for that record in the ro pool and not find it).  We also put our 
more powerful hardware in our replicant cluster as our rw machine does a 
fraction of the traffic (1/10th the qps of any of our replicants).  Even 
w/ this, our replicants sometimes fall behind, but never more than 1 to 
2 seconds.

> Donny
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>>Subject: Preventing slaves from falling behind masters...
>>If you're running in a master/slave environment.. and you're application
>>is using the slave too often... replication can fall behind which can
>>then confuse your application.
>>This can happen if the IO performance of both the master and slaves is
>>equivalent and you're performaning INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE with a load of 1
>>on the master.  Then when the transactions move to the slave all the IO
>>is used up and any additional SELECTS will just cause the slave to fall
>>Has anyone else seen this?  One way I was thinking of solving this is to
>>use RAID5 on our master and then RAID0 on the slaves so that the master
>>is a hard bottleneck. Then the slaves have no problem running
>>transactions via replication and have load available to run SELECTS.
>>Any other ideas?
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