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From:PRASHANT N Date:May 12 2005 10:29am
Subject:write a spatial queary
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i have created / imported a table to mysql thru mysqlgisimport libraries and it has
created a table with the following field / table structure
Field name Type     Allow nulls? Key Default value Extras 
id         int(10)  unsigned No Primary NULL  auto_increment  
NAME       varchar(100) No None     
TYPE       varchar(100) No None     
SPEED_LIMI int(11) No None 0    
ONE_WAY    int(11) No None 0    
geo        geometry No Indexed 

now i need to write a sample query to demostrate the gis / spatial capabalities of
i have gone thru all the web but didnt find an example for buffer(g,d) or Distance()
please help out in writing these type of mysql queries

thanks & regards


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write a spatial quearyPRASHANT N12 May
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