>How to check whae are tables are having how many
>indexes on which columns ?

and alternatively if you're using 5.03 or later,

eg an approximate equivalent of SHOW KEYS FROM tbl [FROM db] would be
  FROM information_schema.statistics
  WHERE table_name='tbl'
  [AND table_schema = 'db']



Seena Blace wrote:
How to check whae are tables are having how many indexes on which columns ?

Thomas Sundberg <> wrote:
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From: Seena Blace [] 
Sent: den 11 maj 2005 23:58
Subject: table optimisation

I have been noticing table performanace issue when # of rows 
grows more.How to tune that table?

Adding index on the column or columns that are often used in queries could
be a start. Performing full table scan on large, unindexed tables can take
quite longtime when the number of rows are increasing.


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