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From:Greg Whalin Date:May 10 2005 10:12pm
Subject:Re: Opteron HOWTO?!
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Care to share any secrets?  You guys are running Suse w/ 2.4 kernel yes? 
  Any specifics as far as kernel/glibc/gcc versions.  Are you running 
mysql 4.1.*?  Are you using NPTL?  You using the binary from mysql, or 
building yourself?  Are you running Innodb or Myisam.  You mentioned 
reiserfs correct?  Any problems w/ ext3?

Sorry to bombard you w/ questions, but we have had nothing but horrible 
performance using Opterons, and any specifics you can give would help to 
clear up this mess.  I know that I am not the only person who is seeing 
this flakyiness.


Dathan Pattishall wrote:
>>Subject: Re: Opteron HOWTO?!
>>On 5/9/05, Kevin Burton wrote:
>>>So... it sounds like a lot of people here (Dathan and Greg) 
>>have had 
>>>problems deploying MySQL on Opteron in a production environment.
>>To me it sounds more like a lot of people have had problems 
>>running Linux on x86-64 systems.
> We don't have any problems running Opterons at all. 
> With all the tests me and my team have done, we know the ins and outs of
> getting Opterons up, running-stable, and blazing fast. Our entire
> datacenter are (about 200 servers)
> Dual Opterons with at least 4GB of memory running in 64-bit mode.
> All the databases (about 30)
>  - Are dual opterons with 8 GB of memory connected to a Hitachi 9980
> SAN-through a McData Switch.
> We do about 70K qps at peak for about 1 Billion Queries per day (only on
> 30 servers BOOYA). So, it's pretty stable.
> --
> Dathan V Pattishall
> Sr. Database Engineer / Sr. Software Engineer
> Friendster Inc.

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