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From:mos Date:May 10 2005 9:57pm
Subject:How to put tables on a different drive???
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I have a big whopping problem.<g>

I have a large database that generates 25gb tables (let's call them 
GenTable1 to GenTableN). I'd like to put these tables on another drive 
because I'm running out of disk space. If I need to create another database 
(let's call it dbGen), so be it.  (But it would be nice if it could exist 
in the same MySQL database, but that doesn't look possible. It appears 
MySQL forces all the tables to be under the same directory.)

How can I get MySQL 4.10 to create the generated tables on another hard 
drive? The largest hard drive I can get is 320-400gb and that may not be 
enough for both my normal tables and generated tables. (I'm using Windows 
XP - NTFS) I need to reference the generated tables and normal tables in a 
join so it has to be done using 1 MySQL server. So I'd like my normal 
tables to be on one drive, and my generated tables to be on another drive.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to put the GenTables on another drive? TIA


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