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From:Roger Baklund Date:May 10 2005 9:12pm
Subject:Re: Solution to slow queries
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Paul Halliday wrote:
>   srcaddr       VARCHAR(15),
>   dstaddr       VARCHAR(15),

Are these ip-adresses? If they are, consider using UNSIGNED INT columns 
and the INET_NTOA() and INET_ATON() funtions. It will save you a lot of 
space, thus increase the amount of data your hw can handle.

> I have read up a bit on merge tables (this is probably the answer) but
> I am unsure as to how you trigger the changes. ie, how do you do the
> rollover after every 24hours?

You would have to program this yourself, there are no mechanisms for 
this in MySQL. It's pretty straight forward, though. Just use a shell 
script and cron or the equivalent if you are on a non-unix platform.


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