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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 11 1999 1:48pm
Subject:MySQL, ODBC, and ASP
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>>>>> "Silveira," == Silveira, Damien
> <damien.silveira@stripped> writes:

Silveira,> I have an app running on an NT Server accessing mysql via odbc just
Silveira,> fine, but I tried to send over my web site which connects and update
Silveira,> information relevent to the application to the database and it killed
Silveira,> the daemon when it tried to execute a query.  Is there a problem
Silveira,> connecting to the database with more than one odbc connection from the
Silveira,> same machine???


No, there shouldn't be any problems with multiple ODBC connections to the
same machine.

Try reading the 'How to debug a MySQL server' section of the manual
how to find out what's wrong.


PS: I got an account at one SUSE 6.1 alpha machine and I intend to
    later today try to find out the reason for the DATE problem you

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