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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 11 1999 1:46pm
Subject:Re: MySQL, ODBC, and ASP
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>>>>> "Ken" == Ken Menken <menken@stripped> writes:

Ken> What Damien is describing is similar to a question I just sent to the 
Ken> myODBC list. Since I really don't know if it is an ODBC vs. mySQL issue, I 
Ken> apologize for reposting it here hoping for help:

Ken> We have mySQL 3.21.33b running on a Linux machine, and our web server (IIS 
Ken> 4.0 / NT 4.0) communicates with it using ASP & myODBC. We used MyODBC 
Ken> 2.50.24 for NT (full setup) . [I know this is stricly a myODBC issue, but I 
Ken> noticed that 2.50.25 comes with myodbc.dll and also myodbc2.dll -- could 
Ken> someone clue me in where the 2nd file is to be installed, or what it does? 
Ken> I couldn't find anything in the README, so I was reluctant to simply drop 
Ken> myodbc.dll on top of the old version.]

myodbc2.dll is just a version of myodbc.dll without trace capabilities.
When your site is running ok, you should simple copy myodbc2.dll over
myodbc.dll to get more speed.

Ken> We created a set of web pages which accesses and modifies a database -- 
Ken> initially, we wrote the pages for Microsoft Access, and when we scaled up 
Ken> to mySQL we realized quickly that myODBC/mySQL wasn't happy with updating 
Ken> each field individually ( objRec("FirstName") = "Fred" ) followed by an 
Ken> objRec.Update statement -- we were able to transition to INSERT INTO and 
Ken> UPDATE statements without much trouble. So we seem to be doing OK with the SQL.

Ken> All of this worked reasonably well using our 'backup' web server, but when 
Ken> we moved it to our "live" server, the web service comes to a screeching 
Ken> halt. Sometimes we get a Dr. Watson message, sometimes not, but it fails. 
Ken> Sometimes it fails immediately -- as soon as we attempted a database lookup 
Ken> -- and sometimes we've seen it fail only after several steps, when we 
Ken> switched into a secure area with SSL. We don't have any SSL on the backup, 
Ken> if that helps -- but even when the main server continued to operate, the 
Ken> database did _not_ update when we changed information. On the backup 
Ken> server, we were able to change data.

Ken> I didn't do extensive testing on my Windows98 "personal web server" (which, 
Ken> of course, has no SSL), but was able to pull up some information. And on 
Ken> all three machines, a linked table with Microsoft Access was able to pull 
Ken> up and change data. I guess this is unlike what Damien was speaking about, 
Ken> because the mySQL server daemon on the linux box continues to run fine.

Ken> Has anyone seen or experienced anything like this before?

Ken> Any help, MUCH appreciated.

I am just a building the MyODBC 2.50.28 version, that should be completely
threadsafe.  I should get this out today or tomorrow.  Any change you
can check if this version solves the above problems ?


PS: Sorry for the long delay before replying, but I just come back from
    a 2 weeks vacation trip.
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