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From:Mark Sargent Date:May 6 2005 3:53pm
Subject:Re: no /tmp/mysql.sock
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Hassan Schroeder wrote:

> Mark Sargent wrote:
>> ... but, my real query, now, is, why the configs/my.cnf were different, 
> Because there isn't any /etc/my.cnf created on your system by
> default; you are responsible for creating one if needed, using
> the examples in the ./support-files subdirectory.
> Obviously the /etc/my.cnf on your system was detritus from the
> previous installation; it's not surprising it was out of sync
> with the new.

earth calling mars???...

> Hence my original suggestion to remove all traces of the old
> MySQL installation before starting fresh :-)

yep, did just that, just wasn't aware that the my.cnf wasn't installed 
by default(although, in all reality, I shoulda realised such; as how 
would it have been..)

> >            along with the coding being wrong in the mysql_install_db
>> script, which I had to move to /usr/local/mysql from the scripts dir 
>> to get it to run without errors.
> Extract from the INSTALL-BINARY file in the 4.1.11-standard dist:
>  The basic commands you must execute to install and use a MySQL binary
>  distribution are:
>      shell> groupadd mysql
>      shell> useradd -g mysql mysql
>      shell> cd /usr/local
>      shell> gunzip < /PATH/TO/MYSQL-VERSION-OS.tar.gz | tar xvf -
>      shell> ln -s FULL-PATH-TO-MYSQL-VERSION-OS mysql
>      shell> cd mysql
>      shell> scripts/mysql_install_db --user=mysql
>      ...
> Note that you are directed to run the script from the MySQL *base*
> install directory -- it sounds like you were trying to run it from
> ./scripts, which makes a big difference in the interpretation of the
> 'current working directory' :-)

lord, now who feels like a

> HTH!


Mark Sargent.
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