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From:Frank Bax Date:May 6 2005 2:54pm
Subject:Re: Hardware requirements
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At 10:17 AM 5/6/05, Berta Alcala Larramendi wrote:
>I'm doing an University project and I need to "buy" a server for a 
>business. I have to simulate an enterprise that sells by Internet. There 
>are many clients and products in the Data Base and we use MySQL in a Linux OS.
>I need to find as much information as possible about the hardware 
>requirements like number of processors, necessary memory, cache, HD... to 
>use in a high performance MySQL server

With an open-ended question like yours, your going to get open-ended answers.

I am running MySQL on several machines.  One of those machines has a single 
P2 processor, 64M and 4G hard drive - it provides excellent performance to 
its "many" clients.

To get reasonable proposals, you need to provide info like how big the 
database is and how frequently it will be queried.

It is interesting to note that you already decided on MySQL and 
Linux.  This platform is not the answer to every environment; like those 
that require features only available in beta releases.


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