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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 11 1999 11:36am
Subject:Re: Problems with max and avg functions
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>>>>> "Rossignol" == Rossignol  <iso-8859-1> writes:

Rossignol> no mysql doesnt support subqueries...
Rossignol> I have the same problem on a mips server max avg min sum returns me 0 (it
Rossignol> is a bug on the MySQL 3.22.21 on the kind of processor... but cant update
Rossignol> MySQL cause am not root, and root doesn't want to do it...) so the think I
Rossignol> done is querying the lines of the tables I want to find the max of and put
Rossignol> it in an array in my php program and then find the max values of that
Rossignol> array... yes I know it is a heavy solution but it is the only one I
> found...


You can always find the max by doing:

SELECT max_column from table order by max_column desc limit 1;

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