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From:Chris Knipe Date:May 4 2005 11:51am
Subject:High Load testing
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I used sql-bench, but that is testing things we already know.  We want to 
establish how many concurrent connections / queries our database server can 
handle before it starts getting into trouble (no, a different one from the 
email of last night).  This system is a dual proc with 4GB ram and over 
500GB on a RAID 5 setup....

I found super-smack (which tests 100% what I want), but the problem now is 
that it does not compile on FreeBSD, and the few (literally not even 3) 
linux boxes we have cannot handle the load to stress our DB server to the 
max. This I know because iostat on the FreeBSD DB Server shows that the 
entire box is virtually idle (the load averages confirms) while the tests on 
super-smack run.  The worse I got was a load of 0.5 on the DB server with 
close to 800 threads running....

Any ideas please???


High Load testingChris Knipe4 May
  • Re: High Load testingJigal van Hemert4 May