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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 11 1999 9:53am
Subject:Re: MyODBC (again!)
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Freitas <sflist@stripped> writes:

>> I will be in New york in December...
Steve> No Times Square New Year's for you, I hope. :-)

No.  David and I will attend the Open Source Bazar in middle of
December as speakers.

>> Anyway, I can probably compile you a binary myodbc version tomorrow if 
>> you want to test the newest one...
>> Which RH distribution do you use?

Steve> You're so awesome you're out of control. I'm using RH 6.1 with MySQL 
Steve> 3.22.27.

The problem is that I am using RH 5.2 and I can't make a binary MyODBC
distribution for 6.1 on it :(

On the other hand, I have a guy beside me that knows a lot about
RPM:s.  We will try to build a binary MyODBC RPM tomorrow that will
work on RH 6.x.

Steve> Ever more in your debt,

Steve> Steve Freitas
Steve> Newport Beach, California

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