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From:Jay J Date:November 11 1999 6:27am
Subject:Re: sorting problem
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From: Arnold Gamboa <arnoldc.gamboa@stripped>
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Sent: Thursday, November 11, 1999 12:12 AM
Subject: sorting problem

>Why this statement does not work and i'm receiving an error message:
>select * from table where item1 = '$item1' order by item1
>I highligted item1='$item1' coz when i take that away, everythings
>just fine.  How can i sort and at the same time select specific rows.

Hi Arnold,

Without showing us the error message you received, or what you're using to
run the query, it's more difficult to help you.

select * from table <-- My version of MySQL doesn't allow "table" as a table

If you tried:

mysql> create table items (item1 text);
mysql> select * from items where item1 = '$item1' order by item1;

.. that should work. Selecting for 'dollar-sign-item1' isn't perhaps what
you want, but it should work.

-Jay J

Is probably more

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