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From:Amit M Bhosle Date:May 2 2005 7:01am
Subject:mysqldump feature request
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 I am using mysql 4.1.10 for a while now, and i was wondering how
painful it would be to tweak the mysqldump to support an additional
option, --insert-ignore , which instructs it to create the dump files

instead of just 
INSERT blah blah

i have actually modified a 4.1.10 nightly build src i had downloaded a
while back, and the changes are very minimal.. few lines at the most..
pretty much the same as that required for the "insert delayed" option.

as of now, everytime i want to migrate to a new mysql version, i need
to get hold of the source, and make these minor changes. hence my
request for the same.

would be great if anyone could point out the possibility of this being
supported in the near future.

thx a ton..

A great idea need not be complicated.
mysqldump feature requestAmit M Bhosle2 May