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From:<gunmuse Date:May 1 2005 8:27pm
Subject:Can I use LIKE this way?
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         $dead_beat_ads = "Delete from fsearch_temp where
fsearchKeyword='$str' and fsearchTime='$time' and fsearchIp='$fbip' and
fsearchHost LIKE '%$dbad%' ";
      $dead_beat_result = $dbi->query($dead_beat_ads);

What I am doing is eliminate "Run of site" advertisers from our network
LIKE  I would rather give free crawler results than to allow this
spam advertising anymore.  So I before I develope our XML output of search
results to our partners I am going to remove them but since their tracking
can change All I want to do is search for them by host  Like  and I
will pull this out in real time thus all the $time requirements.  This will
mean that no matter which of our partners ebay buys advertising from they
won't be displayed through our network.  Or if someone buys a commission
junciton ad we will pull them out by the host even though the click url may
be a qcksrv ad.

So the question is can that % be butted up against the variable or should I
put a space in there.   While reading the LIKE on Mysql .com it talks about
2nd position with a space but I didn't know if that meant for the use of
%_$dbad_% or if % $dbad % would have it looking for second position stuff.

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