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From:Schalk Neethling Date:April 24 2005 10:51pm
Subject:joining six tables by mutual column
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Greetings everyone.

Hope someone can give me some pointers here. I have six tables in the 
database and I need to JOIN them on a row that appears in all of the 
tables. How do I do this? I have so far done the normal 'cross-join' 
saying SELECT * FROM table1, table2, table3, table4, table5, table6 
WHERE something = something;

I have also added STRAIGHT_JOIN to force the order but, how do I JOIN 
six tables to/by one column? I have done some google searches as well as 
looked at MySQL 2nd edition by Paul DuBois, sorry if I missed something 
here Paul, and so far I have not found an answer. Any help or pointers 
will be appreciated. Thank you.

Kind Regards
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