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From:moemen saad eldeen Date:April 24 2005 10:10am
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Dear all,

I have a problem running this query 

"select distinct T1.item_id, T1.f2 from Persons as T1 ,  Emp as
T2 , Emp as T3  where T1.item_type='6.'   and T2.item_type='6.1.9.'
T3.item_type='6.1.'  and T2.f2 like '1.1.16.%' and 
substring(T2.item_id,1,LOCATE('.',T2.item_id))=T1.item_id   and
substring(T3.item_id,1,LOCATE('.',T3.item_id))=T1.item_id   and
='4.1.1.')  and (T3.f7  is null )  and (T2.f6  is null )  order by

on my server the output come after about 20 mins i have tried all
possible solutions for tunning my server using :

1-server parameters like: increasing key_buffer,read buffer,setting
result buffer, disable swapping 
2-high memory: 2GB RAM

All my tables are MYISAM and with varchar type 

I don't know how to speeding output

can anyone help

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