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From:Thomas Nicolai Date:April 19 2005 12:25pm
Subject:WG: Xpath Support MySQL (directly stored XML data in MySQL)
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Dear All,
I'm really happy to let you know that after a whole year of hard work 
the University of St.Gallen has developed a new research 
platform "Alexandria" based on MySQL and PHP.

I'm really would like to say thanks to MySQL AB who did support our 
work in a beautiful way especially Alexander Barkov. He has given us
the code of the NEW XPATH FUNCTIONS in MySQL even though it’s not 
yet part of the official code. So I'm really glad to tell you that 
we are the first users of his code and that Alexandria is worldwide 
the first platform which is based on Alexanders Xpath 
implementation. If someone is interested in more details don’t be 
afraid to contact either Alexander or myself. For further 
information have a look at his presentation at the MySQL User 
Conference that is now being held:

For now you can use two functions to work with directly stored XML 
data in MySQL - EXTRACTVALUE() and UPDATEXML(). For now we're 
running our database (MySQL 5.0.5dev) with more than 15'000 records 
including fulltext search and it works beautiful. So Alexander keep 
on going :-)
Kind Regards,
Thomas Nicolai
Universität St. Gallen
Blumenbergplatz 9
CH-9000 St. Gallen
WG: Xpath Support MySQL (directly stored XML data in MySQL)Thomas Nicolai19 Apr