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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 10 1999 1:19pm
Subject:Re: MyODBC bug report (ADODB)
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Bob> Thanks!  I've applied the patch (with a couple of fixes) and tested it
Bob> with the ADODB driver.  Works like a champ!

Bob> The makefiles for the ODBC sources need some cleanup in order to work
Bob> properly on any other machine than the one it came from (lots of
Bob> dependencies on directory names).  I managed to coax things along and do
Bob> some things by hand, but I have no idea what I missed or bungled, or I'd
Bob> submit patches for them myself.  At any rate, I got it working, so I
Bob> can't complain. :->}

I don't know about the makefiles, but the project files should work
even if you move things around.

At any rate, I will make a new MyODBC binary for Win32 ASAP.
(I just have to scan through all my mails first...)

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