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From:LiquidIce Date:April 18 2005 9:58pm
Subject:Running mysql on a headless Windows CE Device
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I am trying to figure out how I can install mysql on my headless WinCE
5.0 web server device. I've already gotten PHP up and running, my next
step is to install mysql, and run phpMyAdmin to allow people to
navigate and modify their tables.

I've been searching everwhere for mysql binaries for CE, but have
found nothing. I saw the 'Embeded mysql' webpages, and filled out the
contact form. The lady that called told me it was $65 per license. I'm
not sure if we were talking about the same thing. I'm pretty sure
mysql is free, because I can download the source code. Why would I pay
$65 per unit to add a mysql database to my product. Even Windows CE
only costs a few bucks per license.

I'd hate to use Microsoft's SQL server, but I feel like i've hit a
dead end with mysql.

If anyone can offer some advice on how to get mysql running on windows
ce, or can point me to some programmers who would be willing to port
the source code for me, please contact me.

Running mysql on a headless Windows CE DeviceLiquidIce18 Apr
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