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From:Dan Nelson Date:April 16 2005 4:37am
Subject:Re: A picture perfect problem
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In the last episode (Apr 15), Dana Terrell said:
> I thank one and all for your help with my last problem and now I come
> to you with another that has crept up.  My superiors have decided
> that they also want to store photographs in the database as well.  I
> know that in MSSqlServer I can set a field to ole datatypes and it
> will store photos, but I don't see that in the datatypes list for
> MySql, nor do I see anything in the list that looks like it would
> work.  Can photos be stored in MySql and if so, what is the datatype
> to use to accomplish this task?  Again, Thank you for your help in
> the past and I hope someone can help me now.

Try one of the BLOB column types:

	Dan Nelson
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