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From:Local Date:April 15 2005 12:01am
Subject: Re: slave out of sync
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Jeff Smelser wrote:
> On Friday 08 April 2005 10:38 am, Chris Scheller wrote:
>>i have replication going between 2 boxes. the master crashed a few days
>>ago, and this morning i noticed that the slaves slave thread errored
>>out. the binary log and offset had changed on the master and the slave
>>couldn't sync up. i got the slave up and running again by changing the
>>log file and offset in the slave. but now i am left with out of sync
>>data. how do i get these back in sync, and how do i aviod this in the
> Why wouldn't they sync up? If you left off at master-005, pos 123 (lets say). 
> It should pick up right there..
> If your missing bin log files, then you need to set up the master to not 
> delete logs the slave has not processed yet. This would assure your up to 
> date, once the slave comes back alive..
> Or am I missing something?

this is what i thought as well. the error i got was for the position 
offset not matching up. when i looked at the master it was at file 
bin.003 and offset of something like 123,456. the slave was still at 
file bin.001 and offset 654,321. i don't delete the bin log files. i 
thought the slave would just catch up or am i doing something wrong here?

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