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From:Jeff Smelser Date:April 14 2005 8:15pm
Subject:Re: slave out of sync
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On Friday 08 April 2005 10:38 am, Chris Scheller wrote:
> i have replication going between 2 boxes. the master crashed a few days
> ago, and this morning i noticed that the slaves slave thread errored
> out. the binary log and offset had changed on the master and the slave
> couldn't sync up. i got the slave up and running again by changing the
> log file and offset in the slave. but now i am left with out of sync
> data. how do i get these back in sync, and how do i aviod this in the
> future?

Why wouldn't they sync up? If you left off at master-005, pos 123 (lets say). 
It should pick up right there..

If your missing bin log files, then you need to set up the master to not 
delete logs the slave has not processed yet. This would assure your up to 
date, once the slave comes back alive..

Or am I missing something?


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